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705.4 Purchase Orders

Code No. 705.4


The board recognizes that school district funds are public funds, and as such, should be used to further a public purpose and the overall educational mission of the school community.  The district is committed to managing and spending public funds in a transparent and responsible manner.  Prior to making a purchase with public funds, an individual should be comfortable defending the purchase/reimbursement to the taxpayers in the district.  If the individual is uncomfortable doing so, the purchase may not fulfill a public purpose and additional guidance should be sought before the purchase is made.    

Individuals who have concerns about the public purpose of a purchase or reimbursement should utilize the district’s Internal Controls policy and regulation as a resource for questioning a purchase.  Concerns should be reported to the superintendent and/or the board president.  

The superintendent shall develop a process for approving expenditures of public funds.  The board will review expenditures and applicable reports as necessary to ensure proper oversight of the use of public funds.  To the extent possible, expenditures shall be pre-approved by the district prior to expending the funds.  Purchases of food and refreshment for district staff, even within district, should comply with the district’s Employee Travel Compensation policy, and all other applicable policies.  All purchases/reimbursements shall comply with applicable laws, board policies and district accounting requirements.

Additional guidance regarding appropriate expenditures of school funds is provided in the regulation accompanying this policy

The procurement of all equipment, supplies, and services shall be initiated by the issuance of an official purchase order signed by the superintendent and/or authorized staff member.  Purchases of $249 and below require approval and signature of immediate supervisor.  Purchases of $250 and above require approval and signatures of immediate supervisor and/or  business manager. Purchases $2,500 and above require approval and signature of the above and the superintendent.

Failure to follow appropriate purchasing procedures may force the district to hold staff personally responsible for incurred expenses.

Legal Reference:

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Approved: , Reviewed: 1/10/18, Revised: 9/13/23

Grinnell-Newburg School District, Grinnell, IA