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100 Legal Status of the School District

Code No. 100


Iowa law authorizes the creation of a Common Schools System.  As part of this Common Schools System, this school district is a school corporation created and organized under Iowa law.  This school district is known as the Grinnell-Newburg Community  School District.

This school corporation is located in Poweshiek County, and its affairs are conducted by elected school officials, the Grinnell-Newburg Community School District Board of Directors. The GNSB shall not be bound by any statement or action of an individual GNSB member. This school corporation has exclusive jurisdiction  over school matters in the territory of the school district.

Legal Reference:     
Iowa Code§§ 274.1, .2, .6, .7; 278.1(9); 279.8; 594A (2013).

Cross Reference:     
200     Legal Status of the Board of Directors

Approved:  3/12/08

Reviewed: 4/14/21

Revised: 2/26/14