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206.1 President

Code No. 206.1


It is the responsibility of the board president to lead a well-organized board in an efficient and effective manner. The board president will set the tone of the board meetings and, as the representative of the consensus of the board, speak on behalf of the board to the public.

The president of the board is elected to serve a one-year term by a majority vote at the organizational meeting in odd-numbered years, or, in even-numbered years, at  a regular meeting held between twelve to thirteen months after the most recent organizational meeting.

The president, in addition to presiding at the board meetings, will take an active role in board decisions by discussing and voting on each motion before the board in the same manner as other board members.

Before making or seconding a motion, the board president will turn over control of the meeting to either

the vice-president or other board member.

The board president has the authority to call special meetings of the board. Prior to board meetings, the board president will consult with the superintendent on the development of the agenda for the meeting.

The board president, as the chief officer of the school district, will sign employment contracts and sign other contracts, and school district warrants approved by the board and will appear on behalf of the school corporation in causes of action involving the school district.


NOTE: If another method for electing the board president is used, that method should be outlined in this policy as well as Policy 200.1. This policy reflects the legal responsibilities of the board president including the signing of employment contracts.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 279.1-.2; 291.1

Cross Reference:
200.1     Organization of the Board of Directors
202.2     Oath of Office
206.2     Vice-President

Approved: 07-09-08

Reviewed: 04-23-14

Revised: 05-22-24