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212 Closed Sessions

Code No. 212



Generally, board meetings will be open meetings, unless a closed session is provided for by law.  

Closed sessions take place as part of an open meeting.  The board may enter into a closed session for any reason permitted by law.

The item for discussion in the closed session will be listed as part of the tentative agenda on the public notice with the full text of the Iowa Code citation reference stated on the agenda.  The motion for a closed session, stating the purpose for the closed session, will be made and seconded during the open meeting.  A minimum of two-thirds of the board, or all of the board members present, if any are absent, must vote in favor of the motion on a roll call vote. Closed sessions will be recorded and have detailed minutes kept by the board secretary.  No voting will take place in the closed session. Final action on matters discussed in the closed session will be taken in an open meeting.  

The minutes and recording will restate the motion made in the open meeting, the roll call vote, the members present, and the time the closed session began and ended.  The recordings and the written minutes will be kept for one year from the date of the meeting.  Real estate related minutes and recordings will be made public after the real estate transaction is completed.

The detailed minutes recording will be sealed and will not be public records open to public inspection.  The minutes recording will only be available to board members or opened upon court or administrative order in an action to enforce the requirements of the open meetings law.  The board has complete discretion as to whom may be present at a closed session, but generally closed sessions will be limited to the board, a recording secretary and the superintendent if indicated.  The board has discretion to nominate the board secretary or any board member to serve as recording secretary for the closed session.


Legal Reference: 
Iowa Code §§ 21; 22.7; 279.24. 

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Approved: 07-09-08

Reviewed: 05-22-24

Revised: 04-27-22