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300 School District Administration Goals and Objectives


The purpose of school administration is to help create and to foster an environment in which students can learn most effectively.  All administrative duties and functions should be appraised in terms of the goals and objectives and the mission statement created by the District.

The Board and the administrators of the District shall work together to share information in decisions under a management team concept. The Board and the administration shall work together in making decisions and setting goals for the District. This effort is designed to obtain, share and use information to solve problems, make decisions and formulate policies and regulations concerning the District.

The administrators of the District shall be responsible for implementing and enforcing the policies of the Board, overseeing the employees, monitoring educational issues confronting the District and informing the Board about District operations.  Each administrator shall be responsible for fully participating in the management of the District by investigating, analyzing and expressing their views on issues.

The board and the administration will work together to share information and decisions under the management team concept.

Approved:  12-11-19