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903.5 Distribution of Materials

Code No. 903.5


The board recognizes that students, employees, parents or citizens may want to distribute or display materials within the school district that are non curricular. Non Curricular materials to be distributed or displayed must be approved by the building principal, Superintendent, or designee, and meet certain standards prior to their distribution. (See Distribution Guidelines and procedures). This applies to materials that are distributed at the building level.  

Grinnell-Newburg has implemented a virtual backpack for those flyers that previously were sent home to students from outside organizations that enabled our students to sign up for after school activities, participate in events, or supported our student programs.   In an effort to reduce the number of organizational flyers going home with students each week, we have incorporated a virtual backpack in which approval for the dissemination of materials must be followed. Materials from organizations who are supporting student activities and actively seeking student participation must have prior approval (see form and guidelines) before informational flyers are posted on the virtual backpack. Please submit approval request form and PDF flyer to

It is the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the building principals to draft administrative regulations regarding this policy.

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Cross References:    
502.3    Freedom of Expression
Student Conduct
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Academic Freedom

Approved: 9/14/16

Reviewed: 7/11/18

Revised: 7/11/18
Grinnell-Newburg Community School District, Grinnell, Iowa