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905.2 Tobacco/Nicotine-Free Environment

Code No.  905.2


School district facilities and grounds, including school vehicles, are off limits for tobacco use, including vaping the use of look-a-likes where the original would include tobacco or nicotine (including, but not limited to products such as dissolvable, spit less, snus, chewing, and electronic cigarettes).  This requirement extends to students, employees and visitors.  This policy applies at all times, including school-sponsored and nonschool-sponsored events.  Persons failing to abide by this request are required to extinguish their smoking material, dispose of the tobacco, nicotine or other product or leave the school district premises immediately.  It is the responsibility of the administration to enforce this policy.

NOTE: According to Iowa law, all school grounds are smoke free. Boards have the authority to expand the policy to make the school facilities and grounds tobacco or nicotine free as well.

Legal Reference:          
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Cross Reference:          
903.4   Public Conduct on School Premises
905.1   Community Use of School District Buildings & Sites & Equipment

Approved:  4-27-16

Reviewed: 7-11-18

Revised: 4-24-24
Grinnell-Newburg Community School District, Grinnell, Iowa