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905.1R1 Facility Use Guidelines and Rental Fees Schedule

Code No. 905.1R1


The Grinnell-Newburg Schools are owned, maintained, and supported by the public.  The Board of Education actively seeks to respond to the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community through the total resources of the community schools.  However, all school facilities and outdoor areas have been primarily erected and maintained for the use of the students of Grinnell-Newburg Schools and shall not be used for another purpose that will conflict with the primary use.  Any activity connected with approved school programs will take precedence over any request for use of the facilities for any other purpose. Please read the following facility rental guidelines and Grinnell-Newburg School Board Policy before completing a facility request.

Categories of Users (In Priority Order):

Class A:  School District and District Organizations

  1. Regular classroom activities
  2. School Activities for students (e.g. clubs, athletics)
  3. School Activities for parents (e.g. plays, open houses)
  4. School related groups and organizations (e.g. PTO, Booster Club)
  5. District sponsored activities for district staff (e.g. trainings, wellness)
  6. Board approved community activities (e.g. Galaxy, Community Meal)

Class B:  Public Agencies and District Co-Sponsored Activities

  1. Community, social, civic, or service organizations sponsoring money-making activities with proceeds directly benefiting the schools
  2. Grinnell city government units or committees
  3. Request for National, State and Local elections or caucuses

Class C:  Community Youth Organizations/Teams and Community Non-Profit and Civil Organizations

  1. Community, social, civic, or service organizations for purposes that have educational, recreational, or cultural purposes and value to the community
  2. Meetings and practice sessions for district residents belonging to non-profit, chartered youth groups, or organizations sponsoring youth activities during their regular program season or year.
  3. Such groups may include the following:  AAU, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Little League, Girls Softball Association, FCA, Church Youth Groups, community singing groups, etc.
  4. A non-profit group is defined as an organization that does not distribute its surplus funds to owners, members, or shareholders, but instead uses them to help pursue its organization’s goals.  The district reserves the right to ask for a 501c non-profit form if the organization’s non-profit status is in question.
  5. This could include but not be limited to community, social, civic, or services organizations for purposes that have educational, recreational, or cultural purposes, local church services, religious classes and activities, and business concerns located within and paying property taxes to the Grinnell-Newburg School District for activities not conducted for profit.
  6. This category is for individual teams, packs, or groups.  It is not for the use of an entire organization.
  7. Outdoor leagues will not be provided indoor space for practices.

Class D:  For-Profit Organizations and Other Private Interest Groups

  1. Businesses or individuals that want to use the buildings/grounds for activities conducted for profit.
  2. State or National Organizations hosting workshops and/or conference for membership.
  3. Other non-community groups
  4. Other Special Events
  5. Note that the school district facilities will not be available for individual private interest events such as birthdays, family reunions, weddings, graduation parties, etc.

In cases where the user category is in question, final determination will be made by the Superintendent.

Scheduling of Facilities:

  • School facilities are not normally available for rent on school designated holidays and over school breaks.  The superintendent or designee may allow use at these times if such use does not interfere with facility maintenance/cleaning schedules and contingent upon availability of adequate personnel.
  • Rental of facilities is for occasional or temporary use, but not regular or ongoing use.
  • No overnight stays will be permitted in district facilities.
  • Facility rental times cannot be requested past 11:00 p.m.  
  • When school is cancelled or dismissed early for weather related or other reasons, all rentals will be cancelled.  The school district also reserves the right to cancel weekend rental activities when the conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • The District reserves the right to deny any facility rental requests for any reason.
  • A cancellation after the facility or equipment is made ready for the entity will be charged a minimum cancellation fee or the costs incurred to the school district in anticipation of the entity’s use, whichever is greater.
  • The following district areas are not available for Class C and Class D groups:
  1. School Kitchens (only exception is the Community Meal)
  2. Computer Labs
  3. Science Labs
  4. Family Consumer Science Labs
  5. Industrial Tech Labs
  6. Administrative Areas
  7. Weight Room(s)
  8. Cardio Room(s)
  9. Others areas deemed by district administration

Rental Process:

  1. External group facility requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the requested date(s).
  2. Facility requests are to be initiated with the Activities Director (for high school and middle school buildings) or building administrator (for elementary buildings). Before the facility request is approved, the administrator will verify with the Buildings and Grounds Department and/or other departments that appropriate personnel are available to work the requested date(s).
  3. Renters are required to complete and provide the following information:
    1. Facility Request Form
    2. Facility Rental Agreement Form contract signed by both parties
    3. Proof of insurance: A minimum $1,000,000 liability policy is required.
  4. The District Activities Director will determine the appropriate rental charges for the use of the facilities based on classification, activity, personnel costs, equipment, fee schedule, and deposits.  When necessary, additional fees may include such things as cleaning fees, failure to cancel reservation, replacement or repair for damage or theft, or other costs. All or a percentage of the estimated usage and personnel fees for a group’s activity may be required to be paid prior to the usage.
  5. Copies of the completed facility request form and facility agreement form will then be forwarded to the accounts receivable department in the district’s central office.   
  6. On the date(s) of the event, access to the district facilities will be granted through either a designated staff member or a district-issued key access card.  A $10 deposit is required for district-issued key access cards.
  7. Upon completion of the rental event the Activities Director shall invoice the renter.  Copies of the billing invoice will also be sent to the accounts receivable department in the district’s central office.

Regulations Concerning the Use of School Facilities:

  1. The group representative must be an adult and present during the time the facilities are being used.
  2. A school district employee must be present while the school district facility and/or equipment is being used by an outside entity.
  3. The group’s representative will be responsible for the following regulations for facility usage by his/her group:
    1. Group representative will be the first inside the facility and the last to leave; making sure the facility is left in the same condition as it was before entering.
    2. The facility must be used only for the purpose that was originally intended and set forth on the facility request form.
    3. Group representative is responsible for reporting any personal injuries received by any group member while using the district facilities.  The representative should contact the District’s Central Office at (641)236-2700 to report any injuries.
    4. Group representative is responsible for reporting any damage or theft to the building or equipment following the same guidelines.  Custodians/supervisors on duty should also be notified.
  4. The group representative should make a preliminary-use check of the facility prior to their use.  If anything that will be used is already damaged, contact the custodian/supervisor on duty.
  5. All equipment used or moved must be returned to the proper place in original condition.
  6. The renter assumes financial responsibility individually on behalf of the organization being represented for any part of the school or contents made available therein that may be damaged or stolen during the hours the building was in use by the organization.
  7. The renter shall be liable for any and all loss, damage, or injury sustained by any person that by reason of the negligence of the renter.  The renter shall indemnify and hold harmless the school district from any and all loss, damage, or injury.
  8. Food and beverages are permitted in designated areas only.
  9. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in any form shall be prohibited from all school grounds.
  10. All school buildings, grounds, and vehicles of the district are tobacco free.  Persons failing to abide will be asked to leave the school premises.
  11. Specific Room Regulations shall be as follows:
    1. Auditoriums- Groups requesting use of an auditorium will need to list in detail their equipment requests and audio/visual technicians needed.  Only district staff may operate the audio/visual equipment in the auditorium.  Renters will be charged accordingly for equipment and personnel use.  Maximum number of people is restricted to the seating capacity indicated appropriate by the Fire Marshall.  No food or beverages are allowed in the auditoriums.
    2. Multipurpose Rooms/Gymnasiums- No wearing of shoes that mark up the floors.  No hanging on basketball rims. No climbing or playing on bleachers (if bleachers are needed the custodians will move them in and out). No pushing/pulling of tables, chairs, or other equipment across gym floors.  Nothing may be taped to the gym floor without prior approval. No playing on gymnastic equipment when its in the gym. Scoreboards may not be used unless previously approved.
    3. Media Centers/Classrooms- Materials are not to be used or removed from the rooms.  Users are expected to leave the rooms in the same condition as they found it.
    4. Outside Areas- Groups are expected to clean up all trash, papers, or other litter in the fields or surrounding areas.  Failure to provide appropriate clean-up will result in additional charges to the renter. Use of tents, temporary structures, or signage where stakes are driven into the ground must be pre-approved.  The District reserves the right to cancel any event in order to prevent damage to athletic fields or other district property. Water and electricity may not be available from district sources unless special arrangements are made.

Approved: 03-13-13

Reviewed: 05-08-13

Revised: 7-11-18

Grinnell-Newburg School District, Grinnell, IA